Wednesday, 09 August 2017 13:18

Our Dear Brother Has Gone Home

Our Dear Brother Has Gone Home

Word has been received of the death of Dr. Pierre Yougouda, who served as president of the Union of Grace Brethren churches in the Central African Republic until his recent retirement from that position.

He went home to Jesus on July 27, 2017. A memorial service was held  Saturday, August 5, 2017, at the Castors church.

Below is a portion of a tribute from Dr. Dave Guiles, executive director of Encompass World Partners that was read at the service.

It is with a mixture of sadness and joy that I send this letter to you.

On the one hand, we join you in grieving the loss of a faithful professor, mentor, and father, Dr. Yougouda Pierre. Some five years ago, my father passed to his eternal reward. As a pastor, mentor and father, he also impacted the lives of many people. As no other person can fill the place left empty by my own father, no other person can fill the place left vacant by the home-going of Dr. Yougounda. He will be missed. Yes, we sit with you in this moment of sadness.

But we also join you in celebrating his unique life and ministry, and we rejoice in the confidence that he will receive his eternal reward. Dr. Yougouda’s teaching and example impacted many young men and women as they prepared to serve as pastors and leaders in the UEEF and beyond. While his physical presence will be missed, his influence will continue through the lives of the many pastors, students, and wives that he touched. So, while sitting with you in this moment of sadness, we also stand with you in celebrating the impact of this great servant of God.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and missionary staff of the Mission Evangélique des Frères, we honor the memory of our fellow leader and collaborator, Dr. Yougouda Pierre. And we assure you that his family, friends, colleagues and former students are in our prayers.

An email from Encompass Partner Dr. Augustin Hibale reports that everything went well at Saturday’s memorial service, which took place at the Castors Church where the Prime Minister also came and gave a posthumous medal to Dr. Yougouda.

Dr. Hibale also noted that many tributes were read during the Memorial service including those from the leadership of Encompass World Partners and the graduates from Bâta Seminary from Chad, Mali, Rwanda, etc.

This information was reported on by our friends at Grace Connect