Thursday, 11 May 2017 22:31

Merci La Bible!

Merci La Bible!

This year marks the 500th Anniversary of the European Reformations. This monumental movement established several powerful truths such as Sola Scriptura (Latin: By Scripture Alone), which continues to shape the Church today. What better way to commemorate this profound period of Church History than a book that highlights the positive influence the Bible has had on Europe?

Florent Varak, Encompass Director of Church Equipping Network, has developed a new book called Merci la Bible (Thank the Bible). In the book, Florent, along with several other contributing authors, discuss a variety of ways where Scripture has made a favorable impact on society. Subjects like education, ethics, and vocation are among the topics explored.

The purpose of the book is two-fold. First, it helps Christians celebrate the powerful historical influence of the Bible in Western thought. Second, it helps the secular audience to appreciate and engage in Scripture. With much prayer, Florent hopes the book will reach beyond the French Evangelical circles to the secular public for the sake of gospel witness.

There are many public voices in France who are quick to dismiss the Bible’s influence to the point of demonizing its contribution to culture. Merci la Bible counters this expression with a positive case displaying the Bible’s constructive influence. On the spirit of the European Reformations, Florent desires this book to aid the resurgence of the Christian Faith in France with the power of Scripture.

Getting into the secular public can be difficult for a religious resource. Would you please pray for Florent as he markets this resource? Pray for the book’s evangelistic impact and for Florent to have the discernment needed to broaden the resource’s reach.


This book was published by Éditions Clé and can be purchased HERE

Éditions Clé is a non-profit French Publishing House, based in Lyon, which publishes French resources in paper and electronic formats for church leaders, pastors, Bible students, and more generally anyone interested in biblical resources. Éditions Clé was created in 1986 by Encompass World Partner’s Tom Julien and CrossWorld’s Henry Bryan.