Friday, 24 March 2017 12:55

You Can Help Complete the Medical Center in Chad!

You Can Help Complete the Medical Center in Chad!

In 2005, Director of African Ministries Frank Puhl received word of a man in Chad who died from an appendicitis rupture.

The closest surgical clinic to the man was 60 miles away, and his family could not afford the costs of transportation to the surgical clinic nor could they afford the procedure. They tried to save up enough, but it was too late.

The present medical needs of the Chadian people, such as this man who lost his life, are why the building of surgical clinics is so important. Encompass Medical Centers strategically built in isolated locations can provide much-needed services for thousands of nearby people who would otherwise remain untreated. On top of receiving medical aid, these clinics serve as platforms for spiritual healing with the help of partnering local churches.

At the beginning of this year, plans and preparations to build a new medical center in the village of Dobo, Chad were made. This month, the construction process began with laborers breaking ground and creating a sturdy foundation for the building. In order to complete the center in a cost-effective time frame, Paul, the foreman, needs to have the building fund filled.

Approximately $2,000 more is needed to complete the project. Currently, the exchange rate in the country is allowing every donation to be stretched further. Please, consider giving a donation of $50, or any amount you feel led to offer, to the Health Center Construction Fund. Your gift will immediately aid the timely completion of this building.