Monday, 06 February 2017 11:56

Faithful Ministry Where Satan Has a Throne

Faithful Ministry Where Satan Has a Throne

In mid-January, the 56th annual African Union of Churches National Conference met in the town of Yaloke, Central African Republic.

Over 3,000 people from Cameroon, Nigeria, Chad, and the CAR came together for a wonderful time of teaching and fellowship.  Many of Encompass World Partners’ global workers also participated. The theme of the gathering was “Our ministry is where Satan has a throne” based on Revelation 2:12-17. Like the church of Pergamum in Revelation, many areas where these leaders work are secular strongholds. The annual conference was a call to remain faithful in those places.

Part of the conference agenda was the election of executive positions of leadership. Delegates from all represented countries voted for faithful leaders to carry the vision forward.  Pastor Bavon Alladoum Jonas was elected as the Executive Officer, Pastor Dinfio Cyrano was elected the Executive Administrator, and Pastor Lagnassa Jean De Dieu was elected as the Executive Treasurer. 

A highlight of the week was the guest appearance of Muslim leaders living in Yaloke. The violence in recent years in the CAR has caused a great divide between the Muslim and Christian communities, but the Muslim delegates who visited the conference came to ask for forgiveness for the atrocities that have occurred against Christians over the years. It was a special time of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Encompass is honored to come alongside the churches and leaders of the African Union of Churches. In the harshest of environments, the power of Christ sustains his church as we stand together to bring his love to all peoples.