Thursday, 02 February 2017 17:53

Hometown of Dr. Augustin Hibaile Taken Over By Rebels

Hometown of Dr. Augustin Hibaile Taken Over By Rebels

UPDATE 2/6/2017: "My family is well. God answered your prayers on behalf of my siblings. The news I got is that my mom and other relatives are fine in another village where they fled to protect them from the rebels attack last Thursday in Bocaranga. Please continue to pray for their severe humanitarian condition they are in now. People in Bocaranga my home town need food, water, but above all, they want protect and peace. Thanks for your support."  --Augustin


2/2/2017: Encompass received this message from Dr. Augustin Hibaile earlier today. Please join us in prayer for our brother, his family, and the people of the Central African Republic.

Dear prayer warriors,

I just got an email from my wife that Bocaranga, my home town was taken over by rebels this morning and that many people died. The news came from the Catholic Mission in the town who could only use a [satellite] phone to communicate. The other telephone links were shut down.

No news about my mother and my relatives. Pray, intercede and ask God for intervention. In November 2015 there was [an initiative by rebels] to get there, and they are there now.

Our God is Sovereign and he knows how to protect his children in a difficult time. I will be going back to Ndjamena tomorrow and depart for Douala on Sunday to be home on Monday.

Much prayers needed now.