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Giving Opportunities to Help the Vulnerable in Africa

Giving Opportunities to Help the Vulnerable in Africa

Encompass World Partners currently assists orphans, widows, and the sick in Africa. All three ministries serve these vulnerable people and would benefit from the generous investments of individuals, small groups, and churches. In this holiday season of giving, consider helping one of the least of these.

“As you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it unto me.” –Matthew 25:40

Hand in Hand Orphan Schools

Generous contributions are essential to the operation of Hand in Hand Orphan Schools. On top of the financial needs to operate the school, this year a special project is underway providing children with a special treat this Christmas season. The kids absolutely love sardines. Yes, sardines! These little fishy treats are like candy canes to these children. Just a dollar provides a whole can of sardines for a child and $50 dollars can provide an entire Hand in Hand school with sardines. If you are interested in contributing to this project or to Hand in Hand Orphan Schools in general, you can give to the C.A.R. Hand in Hand Partnerships

C.A.R. Widow Care

Life as a Widow is hard enough. The political unrest of the Central African Republic has made it even more difficult for these women to take care of their families and the extra children they have taken in. World Partners is committed to helping these CAR Widows with protection, provision, and respite. Any contributions made to this ministry will help sustain this care. Consider helping Encompass assist these courageous women by donating to the C.A.R. Widow Care Fund.  

Medical Aid: The Good Samaritan

Imagine having to travel 60 miles away to the nearest hospital and paying for an urgent surgical procedure, which you cannot afford. The medical options in some African countries cannot compete with the medical need, this is why Medical Ministries are so needed. Your donations to projects like the Good Samaritan Ministry Fund will help provide the costs to sustain the current medical operations and help produce more needed medical options for these people.