What Can You Do In Two Weeks?

Fourteen days?  Can anything really meaningful happen?

YES! God has used short-term teams to connect missionaries with new contacts, to encourage believers and even to accelerate establishment of churches.  Team members have encountered the reality of God’s work in a world outside their experience and found new purpose and meaning.  Short-term done well can have a powerful impact in the lives of the team members, the missionaries and those ministered to. BUT… Short-term done poorly can damage long term ministry and leave little change in the lives of team members.  At best, a team done poorly is a waste of time, energy and money.  Even worse, it squanders an amazing opportunity.  At their worst, damage done by poor teams can last for years.

What can make the difference? Encompass leaders worked with CE National and other FGBC leaders to develop “Short-term Values and Best Practices”.  These basic principles can make all the difference between terrible and wonderful.  They are not rules but principles that can positively shape any short-term ministry – whether going locally or globally.  No team will ever be perfect, but these principles are directions we all can grow in, seeking to make each team more meaningful and effective.  You can download this resource on this page. We would be glad to help you consider how these principles can make your short-term team even better. 

Originally published in May 2011


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