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Will You Become An Immigrant in Order to Reach Immigrants?

With the growing displaced migrant population around the world, reaching the nations by helping the foreigner has become a strategic opportunity. People groups who might never have heard the gospel before are now relocating to areas of the world where we can meet them, love them, and share the hope of Christ with them.

A team is going to the UK and another to Western Asia to show the love of Jesus to migrants who are being neglected. These Hope Teams will deploy rapidly and will serve for two years.


Be the Feet, Hands, and Voice of Jesus

steven lewis 342Hope Teams cherish the opportunity to see neglected migrants begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. As a team member, you'll:

  • Go to them. Your presence can bring the hope within you, which is Christ.
  • Serve them in His name. You’ll help meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in real ways.
  • Share the hope of Jesus with them. He is able to transform them in this life and for all eternity.


What It Takes

Ideal servants for this compassion-based ministry would be resilient people who are passionate to share Christ’s love and his Word cross-culturally, while simultaneously learning the challenging needs of migrant life. Team candidates should:

  • Love Jesus and his church 
  • Display spiritual, emotional and relational maturity
  • Handle the details of life independently
  • Demonstrate self-discipline and sacrifice for priorities
  • Work without having constant oversight
  • Manage change and diversity successfully, and persevere in the face of difficulty
  • Have previous positive cross-cultural experience

No one is perfect in all these areas, but people who are already growing and demonstrating these characteristics will be best prepared for the challenges Hope Teams will face. There are limited openings, so applicants will be considered for placement based on best fit with developing teams.


You Won’t Be Alone!

Your entire experience will take place in a team environment. Together you will:

  • Learn a new language
  • Participate in pre- and on-field training
  • Experience cross-cultural development
  • Be mentored by a seasoned cross-cultural worker


Are You Ready?

mingyue sun 153025If you have a heart for displaced people, want to help them settle into their new lives and—most of all—want them to know Christ, download and complete the Pre-Application Form to help us get to know you and understand where you are in pursuing cross-cultural ministry. You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you have more questions.


Download PDF Flyer (2-up, 2-sided layout for printing on 8.5x11" sheet and trimming to half-sheets)


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Please take a moment to pray that God would bring spiritual life to displaced migrants around the world, and that he would use this global movement of people to bring the lost to Himself!