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 Columbus has seen a remarkable influx of refugees and immigrants especially since 2007 and now has the second largest Somali community in the U.S. This is most evident along the Morse Road corridor in the Northland neighborhood where Somali restaurants, grocery stores, community centers, etc. continue to establish a presence in the once declining area.

An intern who participates in Explore Columbus will gain in-depth training on cultural adaptation and cross-cultural disciple-making through a team approach. Your experience will be well rounded by participating in valuable learning opportunities through creative in-class instruction as well as hands-on practical application. You’ll be challenged in your current views of church, community, evangelism and so much more as you listen, discuss, and utilize various resources during morning sessions. In the afternoon and evening you’ll live it out by building relationships and serving in a variety of ways that could include anything from participating in English classes to regularly going to a coffee shop. Finally, you will receive personalized support and guidance by meeting with a ministry mentor throughout your journey.


This internship is available for 6 weeks. June-July. Dates TBD

Components of the Internship:
The basic objectives of this internship are to expose you to cross-cultural ministry in the context of the international immigrant and refugee community in Columbus and to provide opportunities for personal, spiritual and professional growth in preparation for future cross-cultural ministry. The primary goals of this internship are for you to learn how to be a disciple, make disciples, live and serve as part of a cross-cultural ministry team, develop skills in understanding other cultures and be prepared for the challenges of learning a new language.

Ministry Opportunities

• Ethnographic study and research of the neighborhood
• Scheduled video conference with Engage 5 training team
• Outreach to children and families in immigrant and refugee apartment complex/neighborhood
• Additional ministry opportunities may also be available
• Other activities through Grace Polaris Church

Cross-Cultural Experiences: 

• Learn about the refugee crisis and gain an understanding of their experiences
• Attend Christian worship services in another language and culture
• Shop at international markets and stores
• Sample cuisine from around the world at local restaurants
• Build relationships with immigrants and refugees and experience their hospitality and family events

Strategies for Growth: During the internship you will receive mentoring and training to facilitate personal, professional and spiritual growth. This includes the following:

• Receive information for initial orientation and for assistance with final travel preparations
• Receive assistance for acclimation and orientation upon arrival
• Receive training in strategies and skills for discipleship ministry
• Receive training for your specific ministry roles and responsibilities on the team
• Have opportunity weekly to apply instruction for personal, professional and spiritual growth
• Meet weekly with your mentor for discipleship, cross-cultural coaching and ongoing training
• Receive an Internship Journey Guide which will be used in mentoring
• Evaluate your internship with your mentor and with Encompass staff during and upon your return


• Housing: You will share a large home and have either a single or shared bedroom with access to a shared kitchen, dining room, lounge areas, restroom/shower, and laundry facility.
• Transportation: It is recommended to bring own transportation if possible. Ride sharing with fellow attendees is also encouraged.
• Finances: This is an estimated cost. The actual cost will be confirmed during the application process. Estimated support level for 6 weeks: $1,600.

Next Steps: To learn more about this internship and how you could spend your summer learning and serving cross culturally in Columbus, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to begin pursuing this opportunity you can sign up for a pre-application interview to help us get to know you and understand where you are at in pursuing cross cultural ministry.

Additional Info

  • Country: Central Asia