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Chad is a landlocked country in North Central Africa and because of this it’s one of the most underdeveloped African countries. The Sahara Desert dominates the landscape north of the capital N’djamena which is home to many people coming to the city from the villages looking for education and work. Join a disciple-making team that’s seeking to build relational bridges to these young opportunity seekers through a variety of community development projects, educational programs, and social networks. Serving in partnership with Chadian believers who are leading in many of these efforts you’ll have the opportunity to be the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus to the least reached.


-Learn the language and culture so you can thrive in a cross-cultural ministry.
-Spend time in the community building relationships and sharing the gospel with others.
-Spend time serving people through a variety of projects and programs.
-Disciple new believers and see them begin to gather and grow as a spiritual community.
-Equip indigenous leaders to start multiplying culturally appropriate expressions of church.
-Commit to working on a team together with other global workers and national leaders.
-Commit to discover ministry partners who will pray and support you financially.


-Ability to adapt and be flexible in a different culture while maintaining the posture of a learner.
-Ability to learn a new language and communicate at a deeper level in that language.  
-Ministry experience that demonstrates a commitment to evangelism and disciple-making.
-A supportive sending church that helps to discern and affirm your readiness to enter ministry.
-A bachelors degree with some formal Biblical training is preferred.
-Ability to live and serve in hot and dusty conditions.


Encompass is committed to investing in you personally and professionally, so you’re prepared for a growing, fruitful ministry. Global Workers at Encompass are committed to a growing faith in Jesus, see themselves primarily as disciple-makers, and want to serve together with others on a team. This is a long-term ministry opportunity that requires a commitment of six years. If you’re interested in this opportunity and would like to talk with a mobilizer about it, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sign up for a pre-application interview.


A dust cloud appears on the horizon as the overloaded 4x4 reaches the dirt at the end of a crumbling paved city road heading due north out of town. Shawn, the leader of the team located in the capital city of this underdeveloped African country, drives cautiously with his wife Rebecca and two young single women, Stacy and Kristen, in the back. They’re carrying medical supplies to an outpost they’ve discovered in a rural Muslim village three hours away. Riding in the passenger seat is Abdul, a Muslim-background believer who started following Jesus about a year ago. He has guided the team to the opportunity to enter this village, which is close to where he grew up and has a medical facility…one of very few like it in the area.

The ladies on the team are all registered nurses who are anxious about the three-day trip ahead since this is only their second visit to the village. The first visit was more investigative, and although they didn’t anticipate it, they jumped in next to local African doctors and nurses to provide extra help in seeing patients. This time they know what they’re getting into, and it creates some anxiety. They’ve been praying for strength and courage. This is the very thing that compelled each of them to come to Africa, and they’re thankful for the opportunity to provide compassionate care in a setting with great physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. They have focused prayer on an opportunity like this for years, and now it’s becoming a reality!  

Shawn and Abdul are excited to work with village leaders on a waste and sanitation project they identified on their first trip. They will survey and draft plans for a solution that will reduce contamination in the nearby river, which is a bathing and water source for the village. Shawn has used his engineering background to develop a vocational training center in the capital. It provides very practical opportunities for young men traveling across the country in search of training and work. Here he is leveraging resources from all over the city to provide livelihood training and share the gospel with these Muslim men. As Shawn and Abdul work alongside men in this village, they’ll keep an eye out for eager workers who could become a part of the training in the city.

Three days later they start the drive home, extremely tired from all they poured out during their time in the village, but not too tired to sing How Great Thou Art together! The hymn rises from the truck as an offering to God for a great time of serving people, opportunities to share the gospel, and invitations to return in a month. They ask God for a safe return to the city, and for salvation to come to the people of the village.

 *Though based on probable events, this is a fictional account. In this access-limited location Encompass is not restricted to the types of ministry opportunities depicted in the story. Rather, it’s our goal to invite you into an unfolding story, of which you could become a part. If you have questions about other opportunities in this location, please contact us.








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