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As the capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé’s population of 2.5 million makes it the second largest city and a center for civil and diplomatic services. The work of Encompass Global Workers together with the growth of the church in Central Africa has created the need to train more leaders for existing churches and future church-planting. The Encompass team is being invited to help teach and train emerging leaders to help support the work of the church. Serving with national leaders and the Encompass team you’ll have the opportunity to be the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus.


-Learn the language and culture so you can thrive in a cross-cultural ministry.
-Build relationships with students and families training at the Bible Institute.
-Help with student enrollment and other administrative needs.
-Work with the curriculum advisor on lesson planning while seeking needed resources.
-Teach students foundational Biblical beliefs applied to the local culture and church.
-Equip indigenous leaders to multiply culturally appropriate expressions of church.
-Commit to working on a team together with other global workers and indigenous leaders.
-Commit to discover ministry partners who will pray and support you financially.


-Ability to adapt and be flexible in a different culture while maintaining the posture of a learner.
-Ability to learn a new language and communicate at a deeper level in that language.  
-Ability to teach the Bible and positive pastoral ministry experience.
-A supportive sending church that helps to discern and affirm your readiness to enter ministry.
-A bachelor’s degree with some formal Biblical training is preferred.


Encompass is committed to investing in you personally and professionally, so you’re prepared for a growing, fruitful ministry. Global Workers at Encompass are committed to a growing faith in Jesus, see themselves primarily as disciple-makers, and want to serve together with others on a team. This is a long-term ministry opportunity that requires a commitment of six years. If you’re interested in this opportunity and would like to talk with a mobilizer about it, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sign up for a pre-application interview.


 The busy, bustling city of Younde, Cameroon is a long way from Steve’s hometown in the Midwest, but there is nowhere else he would rather be. Steve was called by God to develop a Bible institute program to train pastors and church leaders in Cameroon. The need is great, with many church plants growing into thriving congregations yet there are only four men trained as pastors in the entire country!

A few months ago Steve walked into a small dust covered village wondering how any family from this place could manage a move to the big city for training at the Bible Institute. With the sun sweltering down he approached a little hut that was home to a family of 7 to meet a prospective student. Jacob welcomed Steve with appreciation and hospitality, the warmth of his smile exceeding even the hot African sun. As they sat under a mango tree they began their conversation through an interpreter.
Little by little Steve began to see the scope of Jacob’s heart for the Lord and desire to serve as a pastor. Though there would be great sacrifice to move his whole family to the busy capitol city, Jacob was ready and eager to obey God.
Steve asked Jacob why he wanted to become a pastor, and Jacob’s simple answer reflected his respectful heart. “There are dozens of churches that need trained pastors. I know God is calling me to be a pastor, and I want to honor Him with my obedience.”
Hearing this future pastor speak of his love for the Lord and for the Church filled Steve with joy and confirmation that this is exactly where God wanted him. He would get to be a part God’s work in Cameroon to build the Church and would even be privileged to witness the work of the Holy Spirit in the Bible Institute as the students and teachers are conformed to the image of Christ.
Steve walked into class on the very first day nervous yet filled with thankfulness for what the Lord had accomplished in just a few short months by the start of school.  Because of the oral culture in Cameroon Steve had spent weeks preparing the teaching materials in ways the students could easily memorize. This will help the information be transferred, so that those being trained will be able to train others.
Steve smiled as he greeted the men that first day, shaking the hands of each student as he entered the church classroom. They all knew that this is where they were called to be, both the students and the teacher.

*Though based on probable events, this is a fictional account. In this access-limited location Encompass is not restricted to the types of ministry opportunities depicted in the story. Rather, it’s our goal to invite you into an unfolding story, of which you could become a part. If you have questions about other opportunities in this location, please contact us.














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