We challenge our workers to pursue His will and trust Him no matter what stands in the way.We always do our best to inspire and care for our faithful servants.We’re behind our staff 100%, looking out for their safety and continually encouraging them.
  • We walk with you and your church to develop a plan for ministry that enables you to maximize the unique gifts God is giving you.
  • With the desire to create a lasting partnership — and the confirmation that God is leading — we work hard to get to know you on a deeper level through our application and assessment processes.
  • We determine the best training for you, fine tune a ministry plan to fit your passion and gifts, and understand how to best lead you.
  • We coach you through the support, discovery and training phases as you prepare for cross-cultural ministry.
  • Finally, we continue to mentor you in the field, helping you develop life skills as a new missionary and vital member of our team.
Hi, my name is Nam. I'm 32 years old and a family doctor. Nothing in my upbringing predisposed me to have faith. After a long journey in a spiritual desert, not hearing anything or understanding anything spiritual, I found myself without God. Then came a key encounter with two Encompass missionaries from Paris. They provided clues on my journey where Christ revealed Himself to me. Above all, it was in the decision to read the Bible by myself, exposing myself daily to the Word, that the Spirit of God revealed to me the immense love that Christ has for me and his plan for my life. Knowing Christ is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. Christ calls us to share the Good News in the context of caring relationships. We desire to see spiritual transformation take root across cultures, bringing about lasting change for the people and communities we serve.
  • Using your passion for adventure sports to reach the youth of Japan with the hope of the Gospel.
  • Developing sustainable businesses in Southeast Asia
  • Employing people who are at risk for human trafficking.
  • Taking your medical training to Africa and providing compassionate care to those in need.
  • Building relational bridges with students at universities in major European cities.
  • Investing in the lives of youth through youth ministry in Latin America.