Our Culture


What is it like to be part of Encompass World Partners?  We are small enough to be a family, to know all of our missionaries and staff personally and to know what’s happening in their lives.  We are large enough to provide the resources and team work needed to maximize your effectiveness. We continually pursue the synergy of being both a family and a team.

As a Family

Encompass cares deeply for each person whom God brings to us. We laugh and cry together as we live through the normal challenges and triumphs of life and the situations that are part of cross-cultural ministry. We recognize that each person is unique, with his or her own strengths and needs. So we seek to provide for and care for each person with as much flexibility as possible. The goal of our Personnel Department and Missionary Care Team is that each person is characterized by "fruitful vitality," continually growing into all that God intends for him or her. Worship and prayer, central to all we do, provides a spiritual foundation. We invest in each person’s growth through mentoring, life-long learning, conferences, and more, seeking to encourage, strengthen, and sustain. We encourage team members to care for themselves and their families through appropriate times of renewal and refreshment.  Our missionary support levels include insurance, retirement, educational costs, children’s schooling, and more so you and your family are cared for.

As a Team

Encompass seeks to work together effectively, blending our gifts and abilities to initiate and sustain church planting movements through evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, and compassionate ministry. We share a united vision and direction. Clear leadership, goals, and accountability help each of us to understand where we are and where we are going. We develop the needed parameters that allow us to work together, but give each team as much freedom as possible to adjust their strategies and ministries to the local situation. We seek to maximize each person’s strengths, so he or she can make the best contribution to what God is doing through the whole Encompass team. We are a community of learners as well, encouraging professional growth through ongoing training and education.

As a Whole

As a family and a team, we seek to blend the personal commitment and warmth of family with the focused effectiveness of team. Why? So that together we can better reflect God’s glory and fulfill His purposes.

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