Pray for the children of the seminary
students as they go to school in a
new city and make new friends.

Feb 2 - Dr. Rene Malipou
Dr. Rene Malipou
Feb 2 - Namkoderana, Theodor 2009
Mr. Theodore Namkoderana
Academic Secretary & Teacher
Feb 2 - Varner, Janet 2011
Janet Varner
Teacher of Women
Feb 2 - Ngoumape-Francois april 2011
Dr. Francois Ngoumape
President & Director of
Leadership Training

 Ngoumape Claire 2011

Claire Ngoumape




The Theological Seminary was founded in 1981 and is currently located in Bangui at the James Gribble Leadership Training Center. The seminary has been an important part of training pastors, church leaders, teachers, and ministry directors. Both husbands and wives attend classes in preparation for ministry.


  1. Political instability continues in Bangui and surrounding areas. Pray that the students can continue to meet at the seminary in safety and peace.
  2. Pray for students and their families as the rebel presence has caused difficulties with housing and food costs.
  3. Pray for more new students. The war has made it difficult for men and their families to move to Bangui to study.


  1. The JGLTC Learning Center is now being used for seminary classrooms and offices. Several students are now living on campus in the duplex housing.
  2. Praise God that even in the midst of the war, seven student couples received their diplomas last October.


  • Many of the seminary students are involved in ministries while attending seminary. Several are pastors or ministry directors. Others are given internships within area churches or assist with church projects and ministries.
  • Twenty couples are at the seminary this year.
  • Classes are now being held in the newly-completed Learning Center.