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From the Director

Charles Dickens' famous line could have been written about 2020: “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” As a pandemic, economic downturn, and social unrest continue to rock our globe, many feel these truly are “the worst of times,” with probable long-term impact on our physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Yet for those who look through the eyes of faith, might these also be “the best of times”? Movement may be restricted, yet our missionaries are discovering creative ways to share hope with non-believers, disciple young converts, mentor leaders, and help local churches adapt to new ministry realities. We recently approved a promising new group of global staff to deploy to three different countries in Asia. Our U.S. church and individual partners are faithfully sharing their financial resources so ministry can move forward. And around the Charis Alliance world, we’re partnering with churches as they provide tangible assistance to those in nearly 100 communities impacted by global crises.

In the virtual pages of this 2019-2020 Annual Report, we’re pleased to share a sample of ministry highlights, updates on our finances, and concrete ways you can better connect with our global team. And whether for you this feels like “the best of times”’ or “the worst of times,” I think you’ll find reasons to celebrate how Jesus continues to make disciples among the least reached of our world through your support of Encompass World Partners.

Dave Guiles
Executive Director

Pursuing the Great Commission

Our global family has one goal:
to make Jesus known around the world.

This means relentlessly pursuing the least reached, consistently obeying the Great Commission, and humbly seeking God in prayer.

Encompass at a Glance

The Encompass family of ministries spans the globe, reaching into 29 countries with the hope of Christ.

Today, 117 people serve on our global team, building the Kingdom of God on four continents.

We partner with 91 national ministry leaders who bring the gospel to people in their countries.

The Structure of Our Family

Several years ago, we realized that our geographical approach to building teams was limiting the flow of collaboration. As the boundaries posed by travel and technology softened, we responded by creating five networks composed of like-minded ministries. Now, through these global cohorts, lessons learned in one part of the world are informing and strengthening strategies around the globe.

Through this dynamic networked approach, we are able to rally as a global family, strengthening each other and going further together in our singular mission.

ESTABLISHING A CHURCH IN POLAND // With less than one in 5,000 people professing Jesus as Savior, Poland is among the top 10 least-reached countries in the world. In the heart of the nation, in an industrial urban core, God is establishing points of light in the darkness. Here in this spiritual wasteland, Church Planting Network members lead a young, budding church. People are coming together to sing God’s praises, to experience the love of Christ, and to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

NEW CHURCH LEADERS IN CENTRAL AFRICA // Churches dot African plains, shining Christ’s light into the oppressive spiritual darkness of this region. They are in desperate need of strong, godly leaders. This year, Church Equipping Network members participated in a historic celebration: the graduation of 40 students from the Bata Bible Institute. After years of hard work, these brothers and sisters graduated in a colorful, joyous ceremony. Now as they go out into their home villages, they take the name of Jesus with them.

DIGNITY AND HOPE IN SOUTHEAST ASIA // In the heart of the city, young people with special needs clock in at a coffee shop, eager to begin work. Here, Transformation Works Network members teach them how to make pour-overs and disinfect an industrial kitchen. Through these interactions, the community is starting to see that these employees are created in God’s image, are valued members of society, and are capable of beautiful things—a radical, redemptive message in a region that is thirsting for Christ.

HOPE AND HELP AMID GLOBAL CRISIS // This year, as the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the nations, the Crisis Response Network activated in 11 countries around the world. Even amid travel and social distancing restrictions, this team's resourcefulness could not be hindered. People received food, hygiene supplies, masks, and medical care through their creativity and quick action. And through each of these caring acts, the love of Christ was shared in word and shown in deed.

POWERING GLOBAL MINISTRY FROM THE STATES // Wrapping the intricacies of a missions agency into a simple, functional, and elegant website is a monumental task. Recently launched by our Mobilization Services Network, Encompass' new website powers the early stages of missions exploration, prayer support, gift giving, and church partnership. Through quiet tasks like this, this network has the unique privilege of encouraging, equipping, and supporting our team members and national partners around the world.


Encompass World Partners highly values integrity, stewardship, and accountability. We align with other evangelical mission organizations in order to consistently maintain and improve in these areas.

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Missionary Ministry – 80%
Field Projects – 20%



Leadership / Direction – 33%
Systems / Infrastructure – 32%
Finding / Sending Next Gen – 19%
Keeping You Connected – 8%
Caring for Current Staff – 8%



“So even if the obstacles that confront us tower up to heaven, we know that we will, by the grace of God, overcome them.”

– James Gribble (1883-1923)
Pioneer missionary to central Africa

Thank you for your support as we go further together for the gospel.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” – Matthew 28:19