What We Do

At Encompass our highest aim is to see more fruitful disciple-making teams serving among the least reached. The diversity of our ministries are as creative and unique as the people that serve on our teams.

Our goal is to find the best fit in cross-cultural ministries for everyone we work with.

While we prioritize our ministries among the least-reached, we also have ongoing partnerships in parts of the world where we’ve already planted churches.


We want you to discover who you are and find a path that leads to fruitful ministry in the field. Everyone that serves with Encompass is living in a strong community which provides guidance and encouragement on this path. We are excited to journey with people who are pursuing a passion to serve.


  • To learn more about Encompass make sure to check out the about us page.
  • To learn more about where we serve and what’s happening in the field check out Where We Work.
  • To learn more about how to connect to a specific ministry that’s right for you check out the Ministry Opportunities.
  • Our mobilizers are here to serve you. Get in touch and tell us about your interest in missions.


We challenge our workers to pursue His will and trust Him no matter what stands in the way.We always do our best to inspire and care for our faithful servants.We’re behind our staff 100%, looking out for their safety and continually encouraging them.
  • We walk with you and your church to develop a plan for ministry that enables you to maximize the unique gifts God is giving you.
  • With the desire to create a lasting partnership — and the confirmation that God is leading — we work hard to get to know you on a deeper level through our application and assessment processes.
  • We determine the best training for you, fine tune a ministry plan to fit your passion and gifts, and understand how to best lead you.
  • We coach you through the support, discovery and training phases as you prepare for cross-cultural ministry.
  • Finally, we continue to mentor you in the field, helping you develop life skills as a new missionary and vital member of our team.
Hi, my name is Nam. I'm 32 years old and a family doctor. Nothing in my upbringing predisposed me to have faith. After a long journey in a spiritual desert, not hearing anything or understanding anything spiritual, I found myself without God. Then came a key encounter with two Encompass missionaries from Paris. They provided clues on my journey where Christ revealed Himself to me. Above all, it was in the decision to read the Bible by myself, exposing myself daily to the Word, that the Spirit of God revealed to me the immense love that Christ has for me and his plan for my life. Knowing Christ is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. Christ calls us to share the Good News in the context of caring relationships. We desire to see spiritual transformation take root across cultures, bringing about lasting change for the people and communities we serve.
  • Using your passion for adventure sports to reach the youth of Japan with the hope of the Gospel.
  • Developing sustainable businesses in Southeast Asia
  • Employing people who are at risk for human trafficking.
  • Taking your medical training to Africa and providing compassionate care to those in need.
  • Building relational bridges with students at universities in major European cities.
  • Investing in the lives of youth through youth ministry in Latin America.

Prepare to Go

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What could God do through you?

God always starts big things with ordinary people taking small steps of faith. As you say “yes” to Him, God will take you one step after another to places you can only dream about now. He will work through you in ways you wouldn’t believe. It all starts with a simple step.

Step 1: Become Involved in Sending

Pray daily for a specific missionary.
Write to your missionaries or make regular telephone calls to them.
Begin supporting a missionary. Many find that three days wages per year is a good starting point.

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Step 2: Reach Out to the People Around You

Each day we come into contact with people who need to know about the eternal difference Christ can make in their lives. Ask God who He has prepared for you to reach. Pray for them, asking God to open doors. Then initiate a conversation, and share what God has done in your life.


Step 3: Investigate Whether God has Equipped You for Cross-Cultural Ministry

Talk to your pastor about your interest in cross-cultural ministry. Get your church involved in how God is leading you.
Meet with another person and regularly pray that God will show you whether you are to go.

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Step 4: Evaluate Yourself to See if You Are Developing Core Missionary Qualities:

Spiritual life and worldview
Life Balance
Understanding and living the essence of church
Handling Scripture
Cultural Competency

Review our guide on How to Prepare to be a Missionary

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Step 6: Contact Us

We'll listen to what God is doing in your life and help you investigate which of the many options may be best for you and your circumstances
We'll work with you and your church to confirm God's leading and enable you to move into the ministry role right for you.



Are you ready to begin your journey in cross-cultural ministry?

Contact Encompass World Partners



Register for Encounter Atlanta


For those wishing to participate in Encounter Atlanta as an individual (Summer only), please fill out the following application and waiver. These should be submitted to Encompass no later than May 1st.

Individual Application PDF

Church Reference PDF


For Leaders wishing to bring a group to participate in Encounter Atlanta (Spring Break/Summer), please fill out the following form and submit it to Encompass by February 1st for Spring Break teams or May 1st for Summer. Waivers should be filled out by each participant and submitted to Encompass upon arrival in Atlanta.

Group Form PDF

Participant Waiver PDF

Long Term Opportunities

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Do you feel God calling you to the mission field? Use your skills and gifts to contribute to one of our multicultural teams. Encompass will help you every step of the way – from defining your direction and raising support to choosing a location and connecting with experienced mentors.

See What We Do

Term Missionaries

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Invest 1-4 years in the Great Commission by contributing your skills and giftedness to assist and accelerate the growth of the movement. Encompass will develop a language and ministry training plan appropriate for your length of term to equip you to be effective in reaching people cross-culturally. Our requirements are flexible and focus on the needs of the ministry.

Contact Us to Learn More

Multiple Term Missionaries

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Long term workers serve as the backbone of Encompass' ministries. Their ongoing ministries allow shorter-term ministries to accomplish strategic results. Through worship-driven commitment, multiple term missionaries invest years in a people group. They develop an in-depth understanding of the culture and the relationships of mutual trust which make significant ministry possible.

Encompass will work with you and your church to confirm God’s call on your life and explore the match of your gifts and abilities. We will also help determine the best combination of education, experience, and training to equip you to effectively minister long-term. Our requirements are flexible depending on your intended ministry. You will start as a Term Missionary and, through several years of on-the-job training and mentoring, build your competency.

Contact Us to Learn More

Special Assignment

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Special Assignment empowers you to serve part time in a non-traditional role. Encompass will develop a specific, strategic plan for you to use your unique skills to assist a missionary team. You use regular, short term trips to minister on site and continue to contribute at home. The missionaries integrate your ministry into team planning and strategy. We also develop a support level to allow others to support your ministry financially.

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