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Strategic Alliance of Leadership Trainers



Strategic: implanting a biblical worldview,

Alliance: through a global fraternity of trainers,

Leadership: dedicated to equipping lay leaders,

Trainers: for the ministry of equipping others.


The Four Laws, the "essence" of S.A.L.T.

The main tool for the application of S.A.L.T. training is the metaphor of sowing and reaping. This metaphor is broken down into four "laws": the Law of the Seed, the Law of the Soil, the Law of the Sower, and the Law of the Harvest.

The Four Laws are an effective tool for training trainers:

They are simple: they are easily grasped and practiced by anyone.
They are comprehensive: they contain all the elements of learning.
They are cross-cultural: they are understandable in any society.
They are transferable: they can be explained in non-technical terms.

The Four Laws can be applied to any situation involving the communication of truth: Learning, Teaching, Preaching, Counseling, Discipling, or Evangelizing.

seed_1The law of the seed: relate content to seed truths through prayerful reflection (conceptualization)

The Law of the Seed teaches us that we must organize content around seed truths (key concepts) so that we are planting truth and not merely transplanting knowledge.


seed_2The law of the soil: relate the seed truths to the learner through explanation (contextualization)

The Law of the Soil teaches us that in order to implant truth we must relate it to the experience of the learner, capturing his interest, presenting truth in ways he can understand, and making it applicable to his needs.


seed_3The law of the sower: relate the learner to the seed truths through demonstration (personalization)

The Law of the Sower teaches us that the trainer be a demonstration of the truth he is seeking to implant. His example clothes the truth with flesh and blood, motivating the learner to personalize the truth he has received. The relationship of the trainer with the Lord and the learner waters the soil, causes germination.

seed_4The law of the harvest: relate the learner to action through application (motivation)

The Law of the Harvest teaches us that the fruit of biblical training is obedience rather than mere knowledge. The trainer encourages obedience and reproduction by involving the learner in real-life ministry situations, so that he in turn can plant new seed truths.

Have you committed to intentionally and consciously using the Four Laws in all your teaching and training ministries?

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