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Thirteen New Appointees!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014 20:48

Because of your prayers for more workers, the faithful work of Mission Mobilizers John Ward and Christa Robles and God’s movement in individuals’ hearts, we have seen a steady increase of those willing and qualified to go to the harvest field. We are pleased to announce 13 newly appointed missionaries heading to six different countries:

Ben and Brittany Gummere are going to Ireland to participate in evangelism and discipleship ministries. Their departure is anticipated in early 2016. They have one daughter, Ellie (Eleanor Maeve) born July 18, 2014 and they are being sent by Calvary Baptist Church, IN.

Jason and Crystal Horner will be serving in England as they participate in evangelism and discipleship ministries, with a focus on youth ministry. They plan to depart in Feb 2015 and are being sent by Winona Lake GBC, IN.

Julio and Joanne Marin will be partnering with Cecil O’Dell in the Japanese returnee ministry in California. They have two children-Julian-17, Juni-11. Los Altos GBC is their sending church. They currently live in FL and are raising support. They hope to start ministry in 2015.

Daniels Matt and Jen web 
Matt and Jen Daniels

Matt and Jen Daniels will be serving in Japan through evangelism and discipleship ministries, with a primary focus on language learning in the first two years. Their anticipated departure date is summer of 2015. The Auburn GBC in CA is sending them into this ministry.

Mitch and Susan are going to Chad to participate in ministries to least reached people groups developed with the coalition for outreach in Chad and Encompass leaders. Their initial plan is to focus on language and cultural acquisition while starting work on initiating a new outreach. They anticipate departure for language school in France January 2015. They are being sent by Grace Church, Bath campus, OH. (last name withheld for security reasons)

Three more individuals will be ministering in SE Asia in a restricted access country and will be sent out in 2015, Lord willing. Their details cannot be shared for the safety of them and their ministry. Their focus will be evangelism and discipleship after their initial language learning and cultural acquisition.

Please be in prayer for these appointees as they raise support, engage in training and prepare for cross cultural ministry. Continue to ask God to raise up more workers for the harvest field to reach the nations with the Gospel. And ask God to continue to bless the ministry of John Ward, Christa Robles and the rest of our Mobilization Team as they help those with an interest in mission to discover where God wants to use them. Contact us at 574-268-1888 if you are interested in partnering with our new appointees in their ministries through prayer, sending or perhaps joining them!  We can explore many more options to be part of what God is doing in the world.




Below is part of the letter of thanks accompanied by a check for $13,500 which was sent by Timothy Kurrtaneck to Barb Wooler. He writes,” We are very grateful for the response of those at this year’s Momentum Youth Conference and the enclosed $13,500 that could be donated from the National Youth Project Offering for specific needs in the CAR.


Greg Burgess to visit West Africa

Monday, 11 August 2014 15:16

This Thursday Greg will be traveling to Ivory Coast in West Africa where he has organized a writer’s and illustrator’s training time (August 17th-22nd). This training will be done in collaboration with Nate Butler of Comix35 and CPE, an evangelical publisher in Abidjan. There will be 35 participants coming from six different countries.
Please pray:
•    For safety while traveling and in country
•    For good communication, teaching and interaction between all
•    That those present would be inspired to write and illustrate stories that will impact African people for Christ
•    That Greg's family would be well in my absence.


KouBethanie summer school begins

Friday, 08 August 2014 15:47

On Sunday, 3 August, the annual summer school for evangelists was opened in Kou-bethanie, 10km/6mi outside of Moundou. Maybe you remember that this school was founded by Evangelist Dadje Samuel together with our mission. Dadje Samuel died in April 2010 on an exploratory trip.


International Identity Initiative

Tuesday, 29 July 2014 21:03

The Charis International Identity Initiative Global Task Force is meeting this week in Atlanta. Wow, what a mouthful, and what does it mean? They are a group of leaders representing the global Grace Brethren movement (Charis) and are attempting to forge a document which will be acceptable to all groups involved which answers the question, "What, exactly, is a Grace Brethren and what do Grace Brethren believe?"


God works in such wonderful ways to encourage His children! We were blessed to meet these great girls who are from the Central African Republic who are here with their youth group from Virginia! The Momentum offering was taken for the people in their country and one young lady said, "It makes me feel proud." Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in CAR.


Alys Haag with the Lord as of June 6

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 20:37

Word has been received that Alys Anne Haag went to be with the Lord June 6, 2014 in the home of her youngest daughter, Sandra, in Whittier.


Ellie, born at 31 weeks, needs prayer

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 16:43

Rejoice and Pray. Congratulations are in order and prayers are needed for Eleanor Maeve Gummere. Ellie (as she is called) is the daughter of new Encompass appointees Ben and Brittany Gummere. She was born prematurely on Friday, July 18th at 31 weeks. She will need to spend the next 6-8 weeks in the NICU in Fort Wayne, IN.


Four Typhoons to hit Philippines

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 14:56

Ted Ruiz, Encompass staff in the Philippines, writes that during their ten days in the States two typhoons have struck the Philippines.

“The 1st, Rasmussen/Glenda (Category 4), struck on July 16 and caused extensive damage in Metro Manila and especially in Bicol. The damage was mostly due to strong winds. There was little flooding. Almost 100 have died so far. To our knowledge, none of our believers have been hurt. The 2nd, Matmo/Henry, just a few days later, caused some flooding in Bicol and in the north, and then veered away. Two more typhoons are forecast to hit the Philippines within the next few days."


Encompass is having a great time here at Momentum 2014, and everyone is having a lot of fun with our international photo booth! Students and leaders get to try on cross-cultural clothing and have their picture taken. The pictures are then posted on Twitter and Instagram @encompassworld.

Here is a picture of a student group from Korea that is in the US traveling with Grace College!

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