Wednesday, 06 March 2013 17:24

Looming Food Crisis in C.A.R.

Looming Food Crisis in C.A.R.

Humanitarian agencies are warning of a looming food crisis in parts of the Central African Republic (CAR), a result of the insecurity that has displaced thousands of people and disrupted cultivation and trade. Predictions are that between May-September (the lean season) an estimated 80,538 people in the Séléka zone will face severe food shortages. Clashes between government and rebel forces in December and early January left some parts of C.A.R and an estimated 800,000 people under the control of the rebel Séléka coalition.

The situation in C.A.R remains unpredictable despite the 11 January ceasefire. A lack of humanitarian access, especially in the east, and poor roads, are hindering the provision of assistance. Trade has been interrupted between the area held by the Séléka coalition and the rest of the country, bringing transactions to a halt and leading to sharp price increases. The cost of a food basket has increased by 40 percent in the area under the control of the Central African armed forces.

There is concern about the 2013 growing season which is due to start in just a few weeks. Land preparation, which should have begun, is behind schedule in many places due to insecurity. The disruption of trade has caused income sources to decline. Many inhabitants of these areas have fled their homes and are living out in the bush. The marketing season of the annual cotton crop, a lifeline for the northern part of the country, has yet to start in the Séléka zone, depriving farmers their main income source.

  • Please pray for a lasting peace in the CAR
  • Pray for safety for the African church and that their faith in God’s sovereignty will be firm
  • Pray for continuing safety of our missionaries
  • Pray that food aid already in place will be able to be distributed