Pray for Liz Vera, who is the new
leader of our children’s ministry.
Pray for the Lord's call in
the formation and training of
new teachers and counselors for
our children in each church.

Farrell Bess 2013
Bess Farrell
Jan 21 - Murray, Denver 2011
Denver Murray
Pereyra 2013
Gerardo & Patricia Pereyra
Welling Brenda 2013
Brenda Welling




After experiencing a difficult time in the Mexico City church, we can see how God continues to build His church. Our leaders are growing and maturing and taking on their responsibilities to guide the church according to God's plan.


  1. Pray for the development in maturity for these leaders and for their relationship with God.

  2. Pray that each church and each group can serve in their area of the city and share God's love.

  3. Pray that each church member will "become more like Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to glorify the Father." (Our goal as a church.)


We rejoice in the new small youth group, Cocri-Up. This group is composed of young people who are university students and professionals. Their goal is to share their lives in order to reach other young university students and professionals (their classmates and coworkers).


  • Though traditionally Catholic, Mexico is a secular state with freedom of religion.
  • However, persecution of non-Catholics still persists in some areas.
  • Grace Brethren Churches: 3; small groups: 4 (churches in formation)

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