Pray that each person in the two English churches will do all he or she can to serve Jesus inside and outside the church.

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Jan 4 - Stevens, Malcolm & Tina 2009




Seeing a movement of church planting has several stages. Early on, much time and effort is focused on evangelism and basic discipleship; later on, the need to train and equip future generations of nationals becomes primary. Grace Church Shirley is now led by nationals who need mentoring and vision-casting for the next generation. Frankley Grace Community Church is at the stage of determining organizational structures to be ready for future growth.


    1. Pray for the spiritual protection and training of nationals who are part of the Leadership Team in each of the two churches.
    2. Pray for wisdom in the organization and structuring of the Frankley Grace Community Church.
    3. Pray that Encompass staff members will know how to adjust their roles to work alongside nationals in multi-national teamwork.
    Both churches are growing in their desire and efforts to reach out, placing the church at the heart of the community.


      • For many in England, the church is something from the past with little or no relevance for today.
      • Quickly growing secular pluralism and a culture of "political correctness" make the proclamation of the gospel increasingly difficult.
      • Vestiges of the historic class system can be an obstacle to each believer using his/her gifts for the common good in the local church.

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