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Commitment to Common Mission


Charis is a multinational network of Grace Brethren church planters and developers [Canada, 1996], whose values are defined by the pursuit of biblical truth, biblical relationships, and biblical mission [Argentina, 1999]. The delegates of the 2008 International Conference affirm the following Commitment to Common Mission and encourage the participation of the Grace Brethren churches worldwide:

Church planting

We affirm that the church is God’s plan for this age and commit to mobilize our members and resources to plant new churches because: 
  • the Spirit of Jesus poured out upon the Church is the Spirit of Mission to the nations (Acts 2:1-42; 13:1-4)
  • the Church is a fruitful community in which disciples are made (Acts 2:42-47; Eph 4:11-16)
  • the Church calls the lost to be reconciled to Christ through its evangelistic efforts (2 Cor. 5:16-21)
  • the Church displays the multifaceted wisdom of God (Eph 3:10-11)
  • through the Church God is glorified in Christ Jesus (Eph 3:21)
Therefore, we call upon:
  • every local church to reaffirm their God-given mandate to reproduce through a concentrated effort to make disciples and form new churches.
  • every National Fellowship or Association of Grace Brethren Churches to designate 2010-2020 as the decade of multiplication in which every church will be mobilized to reproduce itself through planting one or more new churches.

Leadership training

We affirm that a leader is a person who influences others towards the fulfilment of defined objectives and is indispensable to the health and multiplication of the Church. We affirm that leadership training:
  • Takes place under the responsibility of the local church
  • Seeks the equal development of character, knowledge, and skills according to giftedness.
  • Is a life-long process involving mentors who share their example, values, convictions, and experience
  • Protects existing leaders from temptations such as pride, exhaustion, family neglect, immorality, and isolation through accountability and team work.
We call upon the churches:
  • To develop culturally sensitive strategies and means to train leaders, creating a comprehensive set of tools to:
    • Proclaim the Gospel (from non-belief to salvation)
    • Teach the fundamentals (from salvation to baptism)
    • Enlist in ministry service (from baptism to service)
    • Train leaders according to gifting (from service to leadership)
    • Empower leaders to train others according to gifting (from leadership to coaching)
    • Encourage a life of wisdom (family & work ethics, etc.)
  • To share these resources worldwide with appropriate training in how to use them (objective, target, content, time, cost, required skill to teach them…).

Integrated ministries

We affirm that God has created human beings with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and that the Church expresses the compassion of Christ in proclaiming the Gospel while caring for various needs of mankind.

We call upon the Church to bless believers, strengthen churches, and reach the lost by showing the works which reflect true faith (Jam 2.26):
  • Assisting those in need,
  • Promoting economic, family, and personal development,
  • Encouraging the development of businesses with a missionary focus (Business As Mission)
We recognize that this is still an investigative avenue for mission. We encourage churches to deepen their theological understanding (cf. Charis paper) and further refine the principles governing holistic ministries.